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Based on our experience, our team of engineers identifies the zones, considering the
following factors.

The main producing regions in Peru are:



Our PAS (Promoters of Sustainable Agriculture) identify and select the producers of our chains based on the following requirements:

Organization capacity






Traditional knowledge of agriculture

In Peru we have more than 143 thousand producers who are dedicated to the sowing of
Andean grains.

This represents 0.9% of the harvested area in the country.

74% are small producers: which exploit fields of less than 5 hectares.


Our PAS (Promoters of sustainable agriculture) seek to promote the continuous
improvement of our product chain, through workshops, training, internships, congresses.


Our PAS (Promoters of sustainable agriculture) focus on advising the producers for the installation of cultivation, then carry out the follow-up to the sowing with the objective of ensuring the quality of the product.

At harvest time, the PAS are responsible for verifying the safety of the product in the field, and that good storage practices are respected. As well as the transfer of the product to our plant.

Our market approach is aimed at obtaining mainly the direct product from the producer, thereby seeking to provide better profitability and growth opportunities to the producer.

Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture is a system that seeks to promote and protect the health of agroecosystems, biological diversity, biological cycles, and soil activity. «This is achieved by applying agronomic, biological, ecological and mechanical methods, as opposed to the use of synthetic materials, chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, to perform any specific process within the system».

Following the current regulations of the USDA and the European Union, the team of professionals that make up the Internal Control System (ICS) oversees verifying the operations through activities carried out throughout the year with the local producers.

These activities range from planning to plant delivery, allowing full production traceability.

What is the ICS?

The ICS (Internal Control System) is the body in charge of promoting, verifying, and reporting on all processes for th certification of quinoa fields and compliance with organic standards.


Constant product support

We are present at each stage of the crop, not only with technical advice but also with tools for producers to improve their operations.

ICS Activities

Registration of producers

Prior to each campaign, the applications are received and the team of promoters of the ICS carry out the registration of the producers. They can be individual, family, communal and/or some other associative form

Recommendations, accompaniment, and training

The organic promoters are in all the activities of the producers, from the planning of the crop
to the final commercialization.


The team of internal auditors visits 100% of the system (producers and fields), indicating the
evidence and compliance with the regulations.

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We enjoy what we do and share what we have

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Christmas 2019

Development of access
hand in hand with the communities

Donation of fuel for road
maintenance in Acocro - Ayacucho

Donation of sewing machine and
stretcher to producers of Vilcashuaman - Ayacucho

Actividades del SIC

Empadronamiento e inscripción de productores

Previo a cada campaña se reciben las postulaciones y el equipo de promotores del SIC, realizan el empadronamiento de los productores, pueden ser individuales, familiares, comunales y/o alguna otra forma asociativa.

Recomendaciones acompañamiento y capacitaciones

Los promotores orgánicos están en todas las actividades de los productores, desde la planificación del cultivo hasta la comercialización final.



El equipo de auditores internos, visita el 100% del sistema (productores y campos), indicando la evidencia y el cumplimiento de las normas.