About us

We are the main exporters of Andean grains from Peru. We offer products and services of excellence to our clients, and we are committed to the comprehensive development of the various parts of our process.

We nourish our products and services with the highest technology and process quality, machinery, training, and constant innovation. We are a benchmark in the sector by staying at the forefront in all our production processes.

We nourish our collaborators and suppliers (associations of small farmers and supply companies – many of them micro and small companies), opening opportunities for persona and professional development and generating a climate of honesty and trust that is perceived by all.

We nourish with our experience and expertise. We have been in the market for more than 20 years, allowing us to develop knowledge that is difficult to replicate. Our dedication generates robust and long-term relationships that allow our clients to prefer us.

Finally, we work every day to nourish the world with our products and Peru with our work well done.

Alisur Team

Our history


Foundation of the company



First sales to supermarkets

We began with the sale of four varieties of beans to Peruvian supermarkets.



First international sale

Our first export was a container of Lima beans to the USA.



First optical selector

We were the first Peruvian company to buy a Bühler color selector.



First International Fair

Alisur attends SIAL in France for the first time.



Implementation of the BRC

Thus, reaching the highest global quality standard.


Exportation of bagged products

We reach the final consumer abroad with half-kilo packages.



Implementation of the current quinoa plant

Designed in collaboration with Bühler (leader in the industry).



We added an industrial dryer to the process

Giving us greater versatility in purchasing and microbiological control.


Our pillars

Constant renewal

We are focused on always being ahead in technology, security, and processes. Continuous improvement contributes to the development of a better product and service. The commitment to all our “stakeholders” leads us to have the best and recognized international certifications.

Human approach

Our service is based on honest and professional treatment between people. We believe in honesty and people’s desire to excel, and we seek to build long-term relationships throughout our entire value chain.

We gather the best human capital in each step of the process to achieve the results that characterize us.

Experience Support

We have been in the market for years and we dominate trading. Our experience and knowledge of the product and service is key to generating solid relationships with all our stakeholders.

Alisur is synonymous with experience, quality, and trust in the local and international market.

Our Vision
To be a company that creates the maximum value for its suppliers, clients and collaborators, government, and shareholders through all of its activities.
Pasión por el cliente
En Alisur, nuestros clientes son nuestra razón de ser. Estamos siempre esforzándonos para superar sus expectativas.
No hay excusa válida para no ser honesto. Creamos un ambiente donde se valora la honestidad como uno de los principales valores.
Mejora e innovación continua
En Alisur creemos que todos podemos ser cada día mejores y ponemos en prácticas las sugerencias que nos permitan innovar.
En Alisur nos comprometemos a generar relaciones a largo plazo con nuestros colaborardores, proveedores y clientes. Estamos orgullosos de decir que muchos de ellos nos acomapañan desde el primer año.
Oportunidades en inclusión
En Alisur recompezamos el deseo ferviente de nuestros colaboradores de salir adelante. La empresa invierte en el crecimiento profesional y educación de sus colaboradores. Estamos orgullosos de decir que contamos con personas que empezaron en el primer escalón y hoy son gerentes.